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Comments from previous participants

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Very informative, good mixture of people; professionals and parents."

"A brilliant weekend, beneficial in so many ways, not just course content, but meeting and talking to others."

"Excellent! Probably the most useful short course I've ever attended."

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Training in Progress
"Wonderful, learnt more than expected. Want to learn more. A real confidence booster."

"Thank you. Gained a lot of insight which will be beneficial in the future in many ways."

"This talk will help us with our child's Annual Review - very useful, lots of info that we had overlooked." 16th March 2011

"We will now be able to put more detail into our statement and know what to expect at parent's evening." 16th March 2011

"This has increased my awareness of the importance of preparing for (any school) meeting." 16th March 2011

"I always find these talks useful and helpful, and will be contacting Network 81 to talk to them one to one." 16th March 2011

"This morning has helped me to get the most out of school meetings. It is very helpful to know the aspects which you are entitled to." 16th March 2011

"My son has his first Annual Review due in July so this has been extremely helpful in terms of what to do/how to prepare/what is required etc. It has also been helpful re IEP reviews." 16th March 2011

"Some of the content was relevant for all my children, but specifically for my son. It has provided the vital introduction I needed to move things forward." 16th March 2011

"The talk provided a thorough understanding of the statementing process." 16th March 2011

"We have our first Annual Review on Friday and I feel much better prepared and will go home and do my homework!" 16th March 2011

"It's a lot of information to take in but I did find it very useful and it was interesting listening to other parents' questions." 16th March 2011

"Very informative and helpful. It is good to know what to expect in future years." 16th March 2011

"Good information given for future issues." 16th March 2011

"I understand the process much better now." 16th March 2011

"I have my first Annual Review coming up and now I know how this should go and the right questions/things to say." 16th March 2011

"This should definitely be repeated on a yearly basis as it has been so valuable and informative to 'new' parents." 16th March 2011

"The speaker was excellent and knew her stuff." 16th March 2011

"It has provided a greater understanding of processes and timetables and rights." 16th March 2011

"This gave me a good opportunity to discuss with Network 81 the process of statementing and requirements etc." 16th March 2011

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Updated 01/04/2011